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What You Need To Know About Youth Vaping

Join us for an interactive and engaging webinar for community members and parents/guardians with Tricia Dahl as she speaks about the dangers of vaping and what we really should know when it comes to youth and vaping. The webinar will be on Thursday, February 4th at 5:30pm and pre-registration is required.

"Almost 40 percent of high school users are using an e-cigarette on 20 or more days out of the month and almost a quarter of them use e-cigarettes every day, indicating a strong dependence on nicotine among youth,' according to the FDA's 2020 Youth Tobacco Survey.

Tricia Dahl, senior Research Assistant at Yale University School of Medicine, has worked on a number of clinical trials in the area of adult and adolescent substance abuse since 2001. She has been involved in researching the effects of e-cigarettes on adolescent behavior as part of Yale’s Tobacco Center of Regula-tory Science. Currently, the group is studying the influence of flavors, sweeten-ers and other constituents of tobacco products, use and abuse.

Register Today:

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